Korean Gaelic Games

The Korean Gaelic Games is a competition between Gaelic teams in Korean. There have been many different teams involved from all over Korea, from Gwanju, to Busan and back again to Seoul. The tournament is always hotly contested with many of the Seoul Gaels being sprinkled between many different teams. 

Mens Winners

  • 2007: Seoul Celtic
  • 2008: Seoul Celtic 
  • 2009: Seoul Gaels Syntek/Pats
  • 2010: Seoul Gaels Syntek/Pats
  • 2011: Seoul Gaels (Green)

Ladies Winners 

  • 2008: Seoul Gaels (black jerseys) 
  • 2009: Caroline Murphy’s Seoul Gaels 
  • 2010: Ealga Ni Aodha’s Seoul Gaels 
  • 2011: Ealga and Gayle’s Seoul Gaels 

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