In the Seoul Gaels we use a team management application called Teamapp. This is used to organise training, events, request information from members and organise the club. It is available for android and iPhone and also on their website.

Once you have downloaded the App for your device, or gone to the Website, the procedure to sign up is as follows. 

  • Click on sign up. Fill in details and click submit.
  • Confirm registration in the email you provided. 
  • Search for 'Seoul Gaels' and click on Join Club.
  • Select the appropriate access groups – Men’s Team, Women's Team, and/or Hurling. 
  • You will need to wait until access is confirmed by an administrator of the club. 

Once installed please open the app and RSVP to the event for Saturday. You will have to do this each week for each training session.


The most important feature of Team App is Events. Events are how training and competitions are organised and provide information such as location, time, directions, numbers attending, and any other require information. For training and competitions it is extremely important that the coaches and management are able to look at events and have a clear idea of how many people are attending to plan out sessions and decide on team composition. It is therefore very important that every member RSVP to events in a timely manner

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